Heatwave in Paris

It’s been 95 degrees in Paris, the city of no air conditioning or fans, for the past two days. Here’s how things went down (excluding pictures of any sweat).

Some tea and the paper; sitting in the dark and trying to stay cool.

Walked down to the Louvre to find it fairly quiet.

Found a bench to do some reading while the sun kept beating down.

Unbearable heat at work today. There is no way to make air move through the room, not even by opening both of the front doors. We have a ‘Clim’ installed in the ceiling by the front door, but all it does is make lots of noise. Plus, the ovens in the basement make the upstairs a sauna.

Ironically, the basement was actually cooler than the store because there are two doors that allow a cross breeze between two cellar passageways.
The refrigerated counter top at work usually gets a layer of ice on top, and keeps everything cool.

Today, all we got was luke-warm water running everwhere.
Plus, the caramel and fromage blanc tarts started wilting and dripping onto the trays.
The bread had an even harder time: baguettes left upstairs after about a half an hour completely lost their crust and felt like rubber bands to the touch.

Weather forecast says 70s for the next few days — let’s hope they’re right.

Not sure I can sweat anymore.

Paris Weather Forecast and Conditions

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